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  • If this your first Haj try to make it a quality Haj.
  • Preparations are divided into two parts a) Physical b) Spiritual. The Haj must not encounter problems because of negligence in preparations.
  • Ensure your earnings are Halaal.
  • Make sincere Taubah before depature. The night before the journey, should at least be spent in spiritual cleansing.
  • Clear your debts and if you have caused hurt to anyone, seek their Forgiveness.
  • Leave according to the Sunnah, make two rak’aat of Salaatus-Safar, begging Allah for forgiveness, protection and ease during the journey, an accepted Haj and safe return.
  • Before you leave make a will and ensure all travel documents are all safe and sound.
  • When you leave your house leave behind a) Anger b) Expectation of comfort c) Excitement and panic.
  • Look for Good Companions.
  • Help anyone you can. Assist others, especially the elderly, weak and infirm. You will reap many dua’s that will help you in life and you may never get a chance again.
  • Be Patient/Sabr in every circumstance. Your Sabr will be tested time and time again.
  • Speak Kindly to one and all even under provocation.
  • Avoid loose talk. No Arguing, fighting or quarrelling especially when in Ehram.
  • Give lots of Sadaqah.
  • Engage in excessive dua during the day of Arafah, particularly after Asr.
  • Stay in Constant Wudhu.
  • Your Dua’s are accepted right until 40 Days after you reach home.
A Good Pilgrim:
  • Does not litter, smoke or spit in public places (including roads and pavements).
  • Covers his/her nose and mouth with a mask in crowded places.
  • Does not push others while performing tawaf, sa’ee and stoning the Satan.
  • Does not buy pirated products.
  • Does not sit and block passage ways in the mosques.
  • Begins his Hajj preparation at least six months before departure so that he will be adequately prepared, spiritually, physically and logistically.
  • Will share his/her Hajj experiences with others so that they will come even better prepared than him; he will not be cowed into silence by claims that it is a sin to talk about one’s difficulties in The Holy Land.
  • Will NOT be overly occupied with trivialities and remain at all times focused on the primary aim of his Hajj: to plead to The Almighty to forgive his sins and to bless him with The Straight Path for the remainder of his life.