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Umrah Packages – 2018-2019
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From Mumbai
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*Rates Including of Laundry, Zam Zam, Ziyarat & Travel Kit


  • Return Fair (ECONOMY CLASS) FROM Ahmedabad/JEDDAH/Ahmedabad (Or From Mumbai/ Jeddah/Mumbai As Per Your Booking)
  • Visa Charges
  • Meet And Assist At Jeddah Airport
  • Accomodation In Makkah & Madina In Hotels.
  • BREAKFAST : Omelette, Butter Jam, Bread And Tea Served By Indian Cook
  • LUNCH : Non-Veg, Veg, Rice, Roti And One Sweet Dish Served By Indian Cook
  • DINNER : Non -Veg, Roti And Variety Of Rice Served By Indian Cook
  • Visit Of Historical Places In Madinah and Madinah
  • Tea Will Be Served Round The Clock On Demand
How to Perform Umrah
  • Put on Ihraam before entering Meeqat Boundary. This can be done before leaving for the airport or on the plane. Not all airlines will announce when you are entering the Meeqat Boundary, so it is advisable to put on the Ihraam two hours into the flight.
  • After wearing Ihraam, perform 2 Rakaats Nafl Salaah. After performing Salaah, make intention for Umra/Haj.
  • Start reciting Talbiyah. Recite Talbiyah as much as possible.
  • On reaching Makkah, perform Wuhdu/Ghusl.
  • Enter Haram Sharif with the right foot and if possible through Babus Salaam.
  • Prepare for performing Tawaaf by uncovering the right arm, Ithitba. (Ithitba is only for the first 3 circuits). Stop reciting Talbiya.
  • Make your way to Hajarul Aswad and stand just to the left side of the black line on the floor. Move onto the black line, make intention for Tawaf and turn to face Hajarul Aswad.
  • Raise both your hands and perform Istilaam, either by kissing or by directing palms on Hajarul Aswad.
  • Turn to your right and start your Tawaaf in an anti-clockwise direction. Ka’aba must always be on your left. Only men perform Raml and only on the first 3 circuits. While performing Tawaaf , do not stop, do not push others and do not face the Ka’aba until you are peforming Istilaam. The corner before Hajarul Aswad is Ruknul Yamanee, if possible touch it but do not face Ka’aba.
  • As is mentioned, perform Raml in the first 3 circuits, then walk normally in the remaining 4. Perform Istilaam at the end of each circuit. There will be 7 circuits and 8 Istilaams.
  • After Tawaaf perform 2 Rakaats Salaah, preferably behind Maqaami Ibrahaam. However if it is not possible then anywhere convenient. Then make Du’aa at the Multazam. (This is the wall between the door of Ka’ba and Hajarul Aswad ).
  • After performing Duaa, proceed to the well of Zam Zam. Drink as much Zam Zam as possible. It is mustahab to then return to Hajirul Aswad and make the 9th Istilam.
  • Proceed to the 2 hills of Safaa and Marwa to perform Sai. Start from Safaa and make Du’aa facing Ka’aba, then start walking towards Marwah. There are 2 sets of green lights. When you reach the first set of green lights, quicken your pace until you reach the second set of green lights. This distance is about 50 metres and is known as Meelain Khadarin. Women do not quicken their pace.
  • When you reach Marwa stand facing Ka’ba and engage in Du’aa. Walk back to Safaa. Complete 7 rounds in this manner ie. From Safaa to Marwa is 1 round and Marwa back to Safaa is another round.
  • The final act for Umrah is shaving or trimming your hair. Once this done, you are free to release your Ihraam.